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WoW Factor US-Lightbringer Follow-up

Not to be outdone by previous WoWfactor events, Lightbringer brought an enormous crowd down to Stormwind Cathedral for our latest transmogrification contest.

Things didn’t look too promising at first, as the judges assembled at Stormwind Keep with five minutes to go before showtime and the only other person in attendance being ‘Wöwfactor’ who, despite the name, was not affiliated with us. At the last moment we decided to switch our destination to Stormwind Cathedral, hoping that the length of the aisle would provide ample space for contestants to line up. Much to our surprise, within about 2 minutes of this change being announced and moments before the show was due to commence, the Cathedral hall was flooded with an array of colourful characters.

Keelhaul fronted the prize money once more, with a grand total of 152,000 gold to give away to the fanciest of transmogrification outfits. As if that wasn’t enough Icy Veins sponsored two Blizzard store mounts for the top two outfits of the night, making this the largest prize fund to date.

Due to the number of participants and the scale of the prize package, the event turned out to be the longest yet, especially considering how difficult it was to choose winners between so many well constructed outfits. A livestream was once again available so that participants and transmogrification enthusiasts could follow along with the judging process, kindly provided by Elvine whose nifty camera-work and high quality recording made sure that the viewing experience was excellent. You can view recordings of the livestream commentary over at Elvine’s TwitchTV page: Part I | Part II | Part III (Note that the event itself begins at approximately the 53 minute mark in Part I).

Competition Outline

For this event we divided the competition into four rounds, starting off with a large number of characters winning small prizes and gradually working up to the top prizes, the two Blizzard store mounts provided by Icy Veins, by process of elimination.

  • Round 1: Twenty-seven participants were selected to win 1000g each (27k total)
  • Round 2: Fifteen of the Round 1 finalists were given 5000g (75k total)
  • Round 3: Four finalists from Round 2 were awarded a further 10,000 gold and three more received 3333g each. We had initially planned to have a Top 5 winning 10k each, but we had difficultly choosing the last slot between three characters, so we split the remaining prize gold between them (50k total)
  • Round 4: Finally, two out of the Top 7 from Round 3 were chosen to receive a Blizzard store mount of their choice

Read on below for a list of the winners and a screenshot gallery of the top 15 sets of the night!

Mount Winners

Each of these two won a Blizzard store mount of their choice, as well as 16,000 gold from the previous rounds:

Verenous / Vrexia

Click the image to the right to see the two winners posing outside the Cathedral in complimentary colours!

Check out Disenchanting Azeroth for a special post-event interview with Vrexia.

Top 5 (7)

What was supposed to be a top 5 turned in to a top 7 as we struggled to choose the last slot between 3 characters. As such, the 2 mount winners and the first 2 listed here received 10,000 gold each and the last 3 split a prize to receive 3333 gold each:

Amalickiah / Turak
Aoeganksta / Bubblèz / Narcolepsy

Top 15

The following, as well as those in the above two categories, received 5000 gold each in Round 2:

Alanyia / Dig / Elm / Fumidus / Groundhoggy / Laax / Looksgood / Maegzi

Top 25 (27)

The following, as well as those in the above three categories, received 1000 gold each in Round 1:

Alessen / Alliarra / Envý / Fratello / Imaginary / Kilzner / Nausicaä / Neengoon / Shaggz / Stylock / Vrexxia

Envý is shown to the right sporting the Steadfast set.

Keelhaul’s Picasa Gallery also includes many excellent screenshots of the event, including pictures of some of the Top 27 that aren’t featured in our gallery.

Top 15 Gallery


Congratulations once more to the winners and commiserations to those who didn’t receive a prize, we greatly appreciated seeing every outfit, even if we didn’t select them as finalists.

Thanks to all who attended! We’ve received some very positive feedback about the WoW Factor events on the US WoW Forums. Such kind remarks and attendance at the events are really appreciated and keep our mogging motivation going strong.

Keep an eye on Disenchanting Azeroth and our WoW Factor Events Page for more on future events!

Other Resources: Lightbringer Announcement Post

WoW Factor Transmogrification Event – US-Arthas

The The WoW Factor team has set its sights on another realm for a transmogrification competition! Read below for details on what we have lined up.

Destination: US-Arthas
Faction: Alliance
Date: 16 March 2012
Time: 9pm EST
Location: Stormwind Keep
Winners’ Categories: N/A
Prizes: 85,000 gold in total (1000 each to 20 participants, then 5000 each to the top 10 sets, plus a few extra gold prizes)
Prize Sponsor(s): Keelhaul (Homepage Link)
Judges: Keelhaul, Ironyca, Noelani, Elvine
Livestream: TwitchTV (Link)
Further Details: WoW Forum (Link)

If there’s anything more you’d like to know about the event, feel free to ask on the WoW forum link above. Alternatively, you can contact us on Twitter @DEazeroth and @WoWRoleplayGear, or simply just leave a comment on this announcement!

If you’d like a little more insight into our judging criteria, we recommend checking out some of the videos from our past events: US-Earthen Ring Alliance.

We hope to see you there!

Presenting ‘The WoW Factor’

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve formed a partnership with Keelhaul, creator of Disenchanting Azeroth and formerly dubbed ‘The Mogfather’, under the banner of The WoW Factor!

The project involves a lot of realms world-wide, a lot of gold in prize-money and, at least hopefully, a lot of amazing transmogrification outfits!

Interested? – The WoW Factor

Transmogrification Rules

Transmogrification is a feature added with Patch 4.3 which allows players to change the appearance of their armor and weapons whilst retaining their stats. Players may transmogrify their gear for a fee at either Warpweaver Hashom in Stormwind, for the Alliance, or Warpweaver Dushar in Orgrimmar for members of the Horde. Prices vary depending on slot, armor type and the item level of your equipped armor/weapon. For example, transmogrifying the appearance of a 378 leather chest costs around 18 gold, no matter what you change it to look like. Doing the same for a cloth chestpiece costs a little over 14 gold.

If you still have a question about transmogrification after reading this post, check out our 4.3 Gear FAQ. It may have the answer you seek, and if not, you can submit your question to us!

The following list outlines the current rules for transmogrification, originally posted by Kaivax [Source]. The list has been slightly amended to fit successive alternations made to the feature:

      • The character must be able to equip both items.

      • Only uncommon (green), rare (blue) or epic (purple) items may be transmogrified. (exceptions: a select few of these items will be prevented from being used to transmogrify if they are inappropriate)

      • Items must share the same armor type (examples: plate for plate, cloth for cloth)

      • Weapons can be transmogrified to one another within the following categories: Bow/Crossbow/Gun, 1H Axe/Mace/Sword, 2H Axe/Mace/Sword, Polearm/Staff

      • Daggers, Fist Weapons and Wands can only be transmogrified into weapons of the exact same category.

      • Guns, Crossbows, and Bows can be used to transmogrify Guns, Crossbows, or Bows.

      • Off-hand weapons can only be used to transmogrify Off-hand weapons, but very few of these still exist in-game.

      • One handed weapons can be used to transmogrify a Main hand or Off-hand weapon.

      • Using an item for transmogrify makes it soulbound.

      • Using an item for transmogrify makes it non-refundable.

      • Using an item for transmogrify makes it non-tradable.

      • Heirlooms and Account Bound items can be transmogrified.

      • Heirlooms and Account Bound items can be used to transmogrify.

      • Legendary items cannot be transmogrified.

      • Legendary items cannot be used to transmogrify.

      • Fishing Poles cannot be transmogrified.

      • Fishing Poles cannot be used to transmogrify.

      • Mailing an item strips its transmogrification.

      • Placing an item in Void Storage strips its transmogrification.

      • Vendoring an item strips its transmogrification.

      • The displayed enchant will be that of the currently equipped item.

      • There may be individual items that are excluded from being transmogrified on the basis that they were originally added to the game as absurdities. (examples: a weapon that looks like a fish, or a chest piece that is invisible)

A list of the so-called ‘absurdities’, items which cannot be transmogrified because they were designed as gimmics, can be found at our Transmogrification Blacklist.

The rules are still subject to change, as the list above was written during PTR testing, before the official release of Patch 4.3 on 29 November 2011. The list will be updated should any adjustments or additions come to light. Furthermore, we’ll do our best to keep track of items which are blacklisted from transmogrification, i.e. those referenced in the final rule of the list.

News: We’ve upgraded!

We’re proud to announce our new website:!

New Name

Formerly the Visual Roleplay Gear List, we decided to adjust our name slightly with the site move, for the sake of simplicity. Even though we cater to transmogrification as well as roleplay outfits, we chose to keep the name close to our old one, to retain a connection between the two sites. We didn’t have a great idea for a new name either, but shhh, don’t tell anyone that! Our old site should now redirect to this one too.

New Layout

There are a couple of reasons for which we decided to make the move, the results of which will hopefully improve the quality of the site. Firstly, for a long time we’d been considering changing our layout to a wider format, in order to accommodate larger pictures and more compact articles. Likewise, our former theme and hosting was limiting the control we had over the site. The new site has allowed us to undertake a visual overhaul and add a number of new features. One of the more noticable additions is that of a Wowhead mouseover script, which allows you to view to details of an item simply by holding your cursor over a link in one of our articles.

Secondly, it was brought to our attention that WordPress had been placing advertisements around our page, over which we had no control. This helps hosting to remain free, so it wasn’t a bother to us. However, we decided that if the site was being used for adverts anyway, we might as well buy our own domain and hopefully the ad revenue will help pay for it. As mentioned above, the new hosting has provided us with many more options for developing the site, so we consider it a worthwhile trade-off!

Same Great Community

Everything has been transferred directly from our old site, both articles and comments, so thankfully we’ve not lost any of the great replies that people have been adding over the past year or so. We’d like to thank everyone who has contributed so far, both in their recommendations to us and their assistance to others on the site. We feel very fortunate to have had so many individuals enriching the site and we hope this will continue on

So, on that note, update your bookmarks and welcome!

Ironyca & Noelani

Roleplay Gear Meets Transmogrification


We started work on this site in 2009, with the aim of providing a resource for roleplayers to find visual depictions of potential outfits. With the recent announcement of Transmogrification arriving in Patch 4.3, our audience has expanded drastically.

We are aware that many of our articles don’t cater too well for those hoping to transmogrify, i.e. sets with a mixture of different armor types, sets with common (white) items included, etc. However, we intend to create future articles with these issues in mind, and will perhaps revise our current database, in order to make things easier for transmogrifiers.

Happy gear hunting!

Ironyca & Noelani