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Patch 5.2 Changes

Patch 5.2 promises plenty of new raiding experiences, items and factions to keep us busy, but it also introduces a few significant alterations to the core rules of transmogrification. Here’s a recap of all of the patch details relevant to items, and how mogging will be affected.

Transmogrification Rules

  Two-handed axes, maces, and swords can be transmogrified to each
  One-handed axes, maces, and swords can be transmogrified to each
  Staves and polearms can be transmogrified to each other.
  A significant number of weapons that were formally Main Hand only,
     have been changed to be one-handed.

Until now, only hunters were able to transmogrify across weapon types, with bows, guns and crossbows. The above changes mean that other classes now have substantially broader options for mixing across weapon-types too. Daggers, Fist Weapons and Wands remain unchanged, and can only be transmogrified to themselves. We’ve highlighted these weapon transmog groups in the image to the right.

The alteration of many main hand weapons to being one-handed also allows for much greater variety as, for example, rogues can now dual-wield many caster weapon looks, which they could not previously transmogrify. See the bottom for Wowhead’s gallery of weapon changes.


  Valor points are not being converted with this patch.
  Conquest Points will be converted to Honor Points, up to the cap of
     4000 Honor.
  Any Honor Points above the 4000 cap will be converted to coin, at a
     rate of 35 silver per point.

New Items

  The Throne of Thunder raid instance is being released. Check out our Tier 15 Overview article
     to see the new sets.
  Season 12 ends and Season 13 will begin, with brand new armor sets: Season 13 Overview.
  Three new factions will be selling reputation based Valor Point items: Shado-Pan Assault, Kirin Tor
     Offensive and Sunreaver Onslaught. The latter two are Alliance and Horde specific respectively.
  Lookalikes of the Blacksmith-crafted Burning Crusade weapons are being introduced. These weapons
     will be BoE, unlike their predecessors.
  Many BoE uncommon items are being introduced as lookalikes of the original Zul’Gurub and
     Zul’Aman armor sets, which were removed when the two instances were revamped in Cataclysm.

Item Changes

  Malevolent Gladiator’s items can be purchased for Honor Points.
  Malevolent Gladiator’s items purchased after the patch will have a reduced item level of 476.
     Those purchased before the patch will retain their 483 item level.
  Dreadful Gladiator’s items can be crafted by relevant professions (Blacksmithing, Leatherworking,
  Item level 489 Valor point items from Patch 5.0 have had their costs reduced by 50%.
  Item level 496 Valor point items from Operation: Shieldwall and the Dominance Offensive have had
     their costs reduced by 25%.

Further Patch Info

If you’d like to read more about Patch 5.2, we’ve covered a lot of the new items in other articles which you can find on our front page.

The above covers the majority of the information from 5.2 which is in some way related to transmogrification, but there are of course many more changes and additions on their way. If you’d like to read further, we recommend you check out the following resources:

  Wowhead’s Gallery of Main-Hand Weapons Changed to One-Hand
  Wowhead’s Guide to Patch 5.2 Troll Transmog Gear
  Blizzard’s Patch 5.2 Round-Up
  Official Patch Notes
  Wowhead’s News Feed

WoW Factor US-Deathwing Horde Follow-up

The WoW Factor ends its first season of events with a grand finale on Deathwing US Horde.

After twenty-four events spanning more than six months, the WoW Factor is now going into hibernation in preparation for Mists of Pandaria, but our finale on Deathwing was certainly a great way to end our first season of transmogrification events. Attendance was booming, with numerous visitors from other realms joining the Deathwing population to turn Sunfury Spire into a hive of activity long before the event itself began.

The regular WoW Factor hosts were once more joined by Caylena as the guest judge for the week. It was her sixth outing as a guest judge, but this event seemed more relevant than ever, as Caylena is a Deathwing local player herself, and had been eager to see a WoW Factor event on the realm since we first began.

You can follow along with the commentary from Caylena and the other judges on Elvine’s TwitchTV stream, and there are plenty of pictures of participants on Facebook.

Livestream Link

Facebook Screenshot Gallery Link

Event Announcement Post

A season finale obviously needs to end with a bang, something which our sponsors undeniably delivered. The prize package, consisting of 100,000 gold, three Blizzard store mounts and one store pet, was donated by the hosts of the Thoranar TwitchTV livestream channel, Thoranar and Brilynn. Their generous sponsorship represents the largest prize fund to date, in real-currency terms, an excellent note on which to finish the first season of events.
You can follow along with Thor and Bri in their own prepration for the new expansion, by clicking the banner link below.

We’ve seen a lot over the past twenty-four WoW Factor events, dozens of realms, thousands of outfits and innumerable attempts at trolling, but Patch 5.0.4 brought us one little extra surprise for our final Cataclysm show. The addition of cross-realm zones was at first a source of confusion when scheduling the Deathwing event. We discovered that Silvermoon City on Deathwing was attached to a Pacific server and adopted that timezone for the in-game clock, whereas Deathwing realm as a whole runs on Mountain time – potentially a scheduling disaster! We did our best to forewarn of the misleading times and thankfully the eventual turnout was big, even bigger than expected infact.

As potentially puzzling as the timezone changes could be, the cross-realm zones did have a positive impact on the event, by allowing players from other realms to attend the event ‘live’. Previously, those from other realms have had to either watch the livestream or create level one characters in order to view a show, but now they can visit on their main characters. We would not actually be able to trade prizes to extra-realm visitors, which would go against the idea of providing a community event for Deathwing anyway, but it was great to see spectators from elsewhere. Who knows, perhaps one day we’ll be able to stage a true cross-realm transmog contest.

Competition Outline

The event was divided into two rounds, the first being the so-called ‘Random Round’, where we awarded multiple prizes of various sizes. For the second round, nine characters were shortlisted to receive the top prizes. Of these nine, three were selected as runners-up and three as overall winners, receiving the top prizes of the night.

As a bonus, during the break between rounds 1 and 2, one of the sponsors awarded a prize to their favourite outfit on Deathwing, seperate from the WoW Factor team.

Top 3 & Runner-Up Gallery


Top 3 & Runners-Up

Round 2: The top three outfits of the night were awarded a Blizzard store mount of their choice. Three runners-up were awarded a consolation prize of 2000 gold each (6k total):

Top 3
Altiuin (Plus 4000 from Round 1)
Fróstbitez (Plus 3000 from Round 1)
Toughlove (Plus 4000 from Round 1)

Bwg (Plus 4000 from Round 1)
Curse (Plus 4000 from Round 1)

Bonus Round – “Bri’s Choice Award”

In between Rounds 1 and 2, co-sponsor Brilynn awarded a Blizzard store pet to her favourite outfit of the night:

Svarya (Plus 3500 from Round 1)

Random Round

Round 1: Selected outfits were awarded between 1000 and 4000 gold until we had expended our total prize fund for this stage of the competition (94k total). Names are listed under prize totals below:

4,000 gold

3,000 gold
Clemmentyne / Crazybenny / Pandaeye / Syphira / Valandra / Voodooshock / Zolari

2,500 gold
Cozmic / Darkmiroku / Frostinips / Germadin / Gygan / Littlebear / Mattyr / Menohealyou
Safteypin / Sentra

2,000 gold
Abyron / Ànisa / ßeasty / Bitterleaf / Christaline / Flimflam / Pharmakeiá / Salvick / Sicorant

1,500 gold

Final Words

That brings us to the end of the first season of the WoW Factor! Thanks to all of the participants, sponsors, guest judges and assistants for helping the project to continue providing weekly events for such a long time. A further thanks goes to Keelhaul who, whilst having stepped down four months ago, was the conceiver of the WoW Factor project, and the driving force behind the first ten events.

Be sure to keep an eye out for details of our return, but in the meantime… enjoy Mists of Pandaria!

WoW Factor Event – US-Deathwing

Get ready for the WoW Factor season finale – this coming weekend!

Destination: US-Deathwing
Faction: Horde
Date: Saturday 08 September 2012
Time: 3-6pm MDT (realm time) *
Location: Silvermoon City Sunfury Spire (Lor’themar’s Room)
Prizes: 100,000 gold in total + 3 Blizzard Store mounts + 1 Blizzard Store pet
Prize Categories (Estimate):
  • Round 1: Judges will award between 1,000 and 4,000 gold to outstanding outfits (94k total)
  • Round 2: The Top 6 – Three characters will be awarded a Blizzard store mount each as overall
    winners, three will be awarded 2k gold each as runners-up (6k total)

  • Bonus Prize “Bri’s Choice Award”: Brilynn, one of the sponsors, will award a store pet to an outfit
    of her choice

Prize Sponsor(s): Thoranar/Brilynn (Details below)
Judges (In-game names if different): Ironyca, Noelani, Elvine, Caylena
Livestream: Elvinemod @ TwitchTV (Link)
Further Details: WoW Forums (Link)

With Mists of Pandaria just over the horizon, the time has come to wrap up the first season of the WoW Factor travelling transmog event. This coming Saturday, we’ll be visiting Deathwing US Horde for our 24th event, our season finale.

Over the course of the past twenty three events, spanning more than six months, we’ve seen thousands of impressive transmogrification outfits across the North American and European realms. We’ve handed out a huge number of prizes along the way, some of which came out of the judges’ own pockets, but the success of the WoW Factor wouldn’t have been possible without the support and prize sponsorship we’ve received from many other generous transmog fans. To this date, the WoW Factor prizes have totalled up to more than 5,000,000 gold, along with 11 mounts, and dozens of pets and other items – all awarded to those with the fanciest outfits.

The finale prize package is being donated by the hosts of the Thoranar TwitchTV Channel, Thoranar and Brilynn. Not only are they sponsoring 100,000 gold in-game, but also three Blizzard Store mounts and one Store pet, an extremely generous contribution and excellent note on which to finish the first season of events.

Our guest judge for the event is none other than Caylena, a long-term friend and assistant to the WoW Factor, and Deathwing player who has been itching to get an event on her home realm since we first started!

We’re very much looking forward to seeing what Deathwing has to offer, so a big thanks is in order to Thor and Bri for making it possible.

We hope you’ll be able to join us there, but if not, keep an eye out for more transmogrification events once the MoP levelling dust has settled.

If you’ve not yet seen a WoW Factor show and would like to know what to expect, you can read more about the project on our WoW Factor page.

* Note: Cross-realm zones can change the gametime to another timezone for US players. The Deathwing venue, Silvermoon City, is one such cross-realm zone. Keep that in mind if you’re planning on attending the event!

Vicious Season 9 Sets Return!

Patch 5.0.4 was dominated by substantial changes to gameplay, but a couple of features of interest to us transmogrification fans went through without much fanfare. One such addition to have slipped through the cracks is the return of the Vicious Gladiator’s Season 9 PvP sets.

The sets are once again available for purchase in their entirity, the five core pieces of each set, as well as the matching extras. However, it’s worth noting that this only applies to the regular Season 9 items and not the elite sets, which are unlikely to ever be available again.

You can purchase the Vicious items from either of two vendors, Blazik Fireclaw in Dalaran sewers and Vixton Pinchwhistle in Gadgetzan. The total cost for the 8-piece set comes to 14450 Honor Points, broken down into 2200 each for the head, chest and legs, 1650 each for the shoulders, gloves, belt and boots, and 1250 for the wrists (although you can probably skip the latter for transmogrification purposes!).

Wands as Main Hand Weapons – A Highlight

As highlighted in our earlier post, Patch 5.0.4 Changes, wands will be available as main hand weapons to all cloth wearers, following this week’s maintenance.

In order to bring them in line with other main hand weapons of equal item levels, wands will be getting a stat buff, even retroactively. This means that you’ll be able to hit the streets wielding a raid/pvp viable wand, from the very moment the patch is released. See the image below for an idea of how current wands are receiving a boost.

As a little tip for those who don’t have access to Dragon Soul weapons, but would like to go into MoP with some substantial firepower, the above wand will cost only 700 Justice Points in 5.0.4, and its stats match those of normal-mode DS one-handers.

Wands have never been a huge focus of this site, as they have always been hidden from sight unless specifically drawn. Therefore, we think now is about the right time to give you a few highlights of some of the amazing options available! Check out the gallery below for a handful of interesting wand models.


That’s just a few of the impressive wands that clothies can now show-off in their transmogrification outfits. If you’d like to see what other models are out there, we recommend you check out the wand listing at Icy Veins – Transmogrification!

WoW Factor US-Wyrmrest Accord Horde Follow-up

This week’s WoW Factor was full of milestones and mayhem, as we visited Wyrmrest Accord US.

Upon first arriving at Silvermoon City a few hours before the WoW Factor was due to begin, we were immediately struck by the apparent high level of activity on the realm. The streets were bustling with roleplayers and a few individuals were already parking their characters in preparation for the event. This first impression was accurately reflected when it came to show time, as an enormous number descended upon Sunfury Spire to share their outfits in one of the largest turnouts to date.

Sponsorship for the day totalled 150,000 gold, put forward by Finidose, also know as Phaice. A long term associate of the WoW Factor events, Phaice has both won and guest judged at seperate WoW Factor events in the past. She also joined us as the guest judge for the Wyrmrest Accord event, her second time taking on the role. We greatly appreciate her sponsorship and support of the WoW Factor.

The generous prize donation marks two milestones for the WoW Factor events. Firstly, Phaice has become the first individual to have won, guest judged, and sponsored the WoW Factor, a particularly impressive feat that is testament to her commitment to transmogrification. Secondly, the 150k tips us over the 5 million prize gold mark! Since the beginning of our transmogrification events, we’ve now awarded 5,076,000 gold as well as dozens of mounts, pets and items.

Unfortunately, the grand celebration we had in mind for the huge crowd gathered in Silvermoon was hampered at an early stage. After our introduction, we experienced some severe sound issues before the livestream cut out. After a few more attempts at getting the audio and visual broadcasts running again, we realised that it would not be possible to operate the stream as usual. Elvine was experiencing substantial issues with his ISP, and had to depart from the event after battling with technical problems for an hour or so. We filled the vacant judging position with Honeypants, a long-term friend of the WoW Factor, and the creator of Mogoholic transmog blog.

The four judges continued with the event and worked their way around the array of impressive outfits, but sadly were unable to get the live commentary back on track. As we proceeded, we couldn’t help but be impressed by the positive and patient attitude shown by the Wyrmrest community. Even without the livestream and after the delays, over one hundred participants calmly remained within Sunfury Spire as we adjusted to the technical issues. Furthermore, once the competition was rolling, we were stunned by how many characters would yell congratulations across the hall to one another upon a prize win.

We sincerely apologise for the technical issues, and thank everybody at Wyrmrest Accord for their patience and extraordinary community spirit!

Competition Outline

The event was divided into two rounds, the first being the so-called ‘Random Round’, where we awarded multiple prizes of various sizes. For the second round, five characters were selected as the overall winners, receiving the top prizes of the night.

Top 5 Gallery


You can also find more pictures of the event at our Facebook Gallery!

Top 5

Round 2: The top five outfits of the night were awarded 10,000 gold each (50k total):

Chonga (Plus 4000 from Round 1)
Kothev (Plus 4500 from Round 1)
Sepheliya (Plus 4000 from Round 1)
Vinterson (Plus 5000 from Round 1)
Xeddin (Plus 4500 from Round 1)

Random Round

Round 1: Selected outfits were awarded between 1000 and 5000 gold until we had expended our total prize fund for this stage of the competition (100k total). Names are listed under prize totals below:

4,500 gold

4,000 gold
Leilanahe / Renjai / Sarenity

3,500 gold
Jaxal / Sindàra

3,000 gold
Aeviva / Coth / Duffmcwhalen / Komboloi / Lythania / Melphina / Plaguesworn / Torn / Xerrah

2,500 gold
Arielen / Elsabet / Hereticyolo / Nandosse

2,000 gold
Elvy / Grondal / Ixtael / Kezvak / Rengi / Ruckuspaw / Valliac / Varlamus

1,500 gold

Other Resources: Wyrmrest Accord Announcement Post

Patch 5.0.4 Changes

In the lead up to Mists of Pandaria, Patch 5.0.4 will soon be upon us, with changes aplenty. The patch notes have been circulating for quite some time, but let’s take a closer look at how transmogrification will be affected specifically.


  Weapon slots are being changed. For all classes except hunters, the ranged slot is being removed,
     which means no more relics and thrown weapons.
  Hunters, on the other hand, will now have a single weapon slot in which to use their
     bow/crossbow/gun. Their ranged weapons will receive a stat boost to compensate for the loss of
     the old “stat sticks”, and will no longer have a minimum range.
  Hunters can still equip polearms, staves and swords etc., but they won’t be able to do so at the
     same time as wearing a ranged weapon. Gone are the days of melee hunter weapons!
  Wands are becoming main hand weapons and will receive stat boosts to bring them in line with
     other caster main hands.
  All main hand fist weapons will become one-handed, allowing greater freedom when transmogrifying.
  Current Valor and Conquest Point purchases will be made available for Justice and Honor Points


  With 5.0.4, Valor Points will be converted to
     Justice Points, Conquest Points will be
     converted to Honor Points. Valor and
     Conquest will not be obtainable again until
     Mists of Pandaria.
  You won’t be able to earn any further
     Justice or Honor Points if the currency
     conversion puts your total above 4000.
  You will be able to carry up to 4000 Justice
     and 4000 Honor Points with you into Mists of
  Points above 4000 will be converted to silver:
     35s per Honor Point and 47s per Justice

Other Relevant Details

  Whilst there’s no absolute confirmation, patch 5.0.4 on the PTR does have the new versions of
     Scholomance and Scarlet Monastery, which implies the new versions will be released on live this
     week. You’d best get busy if you still want any items from the old versions of the instances, as many
     items are seemingly being removed.
     See our article on The Future of Scholomance & Scarlet Monastery.
  AoE looting is being introduced, a god-send for the farming-inclined transmogrification fan.
  Head enchants are being removed which, whilst not directly related to transmog, is still worthy of

For a complete overview of all that is lined up for us with Patch 5.0.4, check out the official Blizzard Patch Notes and Currency Conversion details.

WoW Factor Event – US-Wyrmrest Accord

It’s time for another Horde show, as the WoW Factor sets off to Wyrmrest Accord.

Destination: US-Wyrmrest Accord
Faction: Horde
Date: Saturday 25 August 2012
Time: 3-6pm PST (realm time)
Location: Silvermoon City Sunfury Spire (Lor’themar’s Room)
Prizes: 150,000 gold in total
Prize Categories (Estimate):
  • Round 1: Judges will award between 1,000 and 5,000 gold to outstanding outfits (100k total)
  • Round 2: The Top 5 – Five characters will be awarded 10,000 gold each (50k total)
Prize Sponsor(s): Finidose/Phaice
Judges (In-game names if different): Ironyca, Noelani, Elvine, Phaice
Livestream: Elvinemod @ TwitchTV (Link)
Further Details: WoW Forums (Link)

Our guest judge and sponsor this week is Phaice aka Finidose on Wyrmrest Accord, a previous WoW Factor winner from Scarlet Crusade US Horde, and guest judge at Argent Dawn EU.

Finidose has generously put forward a prize package of 150,000 gold, to bring the WoW Factor to Wyrmrest. Interestingly, this prize contribution makes Finidose/Phaice the first individual in WoW Factor history to have been an event winner, a judge, and a sponsor. That deserves both a congratulations and a thanks!

If you’ve not yet seen a WoW Factor show and would like to know what to expect, you can read more about the project on our WoW Factor page.

We hope to see you there!

WoW Factor US-Tichondrius Alliance II Follow-up

The WoW Factor returned to its roots this weekend, revisiting the home of the very first event.

It was almost six months ago that WoW Roleplay Gear teamed up with Keelhaul of Disenchanting Azeroth to arrange regular transmogrification events, under the banner of The WoW Factor. For our first event as a team, Keelhaul sponsored 150,000 gold for the Faction Five on US Tichondrius Horde and Alliance, so called as there were five primary winners on each faction. Twenty-one events down the line, a few individuals banded together to set up a prize package to bring the show back to Tichondrius Alliance.

This time around the attendance was substantially higher and Stormwind City Cathedral was packed out within moments of the event starting. There were a few familiar faces amongst the AoE spells and smoke flares which adorned the aisles at the beginning, but none wearing the same outfits as on our first visit.

As has become customary for the WoW Factor events, we were accompanied in our judging by a special guest. This week we were joined by Draynee, a two-time WoW Factor winner from Proudmoore US, and a transmog-blogger. Draynee’s site, Pretty Fly for a Draenei, offers a fantastic selection of transmogrification outfits and screenshots, as well as a post detailing her experiences as a WoW Factor guest judge. You can find the link to her article below, along with Elvine’s livestream recording of the event and a Facebook gallery full of images from Tichondrius:

Livestream Link

Facebook Screenshot Gallery Link

“WoW Factor Tichodrius” at Pretty Fly for a Draenei

Event Announcement Post

The sponsorship drive on Tichondrius came primarily from Celerity, also know as Zukum, a moderator on Elvine’s livestream channel. Not only did he provide the bulk of the prize fund, but he was instrumental in arranging the time for the event, advertising on the realm forums, and assisting us throughout the course of the event. He was not alone though, as four other generous individuals contributed to the gold pile, as follows:

Celerity – 125,000g
Coachamerica – 50,000g
Zedura – 1000g
Zavicqt – 1000g
Anonymous – 1000g

All in all, that brought the prize total for the night to 178,000 gold. A big thanks to all of the sponsors!

Competition Outline

The event was divided into two rounds, the first being the so-called ‘Random Round’, where we awarded multiple prizes of various sizes. For the second round, we initially intended to select five outfits to receive prizes as the best of the night. However, due to difficulty selecting the final winner, the fifth top prize was divided between four characters, resulting in four overall winners and four runners-up.

Read on below for a list of the winners and a screenshot gallery of the top 8 sets, and for more pictures, visit our Facebook Gallery!

Top 8 Gallery


Top 4 & Runners-Up

Round 2: The top four transmog outfits of the night were awarded 10,000 gold each, and four runners-up were awarded 2,500 (50k total):

Top 4
Cathordran (Plus 5000 from Round 1)
Demonofblood (Plus 5000 from Round 1)
Kiddø (Plus 4000 from Round 1)
Sharpstorm (Plus 5000 from Round 1)

Boptarts (Plus 5000 from Round 1)
Gray (Plus 4000 from Round 1)
Loire (Plus 4000 from Round 1)
Ohmnomnomnom (Plus 4000 from Round 1)

Random Round

Round 1: Selected outfits were awarded between 1000 and 5000 gold until we had expended our total prize fund for this stage of the competition (128k total). Names are listed under prize totals below:

4,500 gold
Alondra / Gearim

4,000 gold
Vorstria / Zedura

3,750 gold

3,500 gold
Arkainjel / Hypedz / Kneeoh / Ledene / Skullflower / Telephantasm

3,250 gold

3,000 gold
Acolyth / Gnömèrcy / Menguli / Pmr / Pramonere / Restricter / Selvagelvc / Stigzy / Zéllow

2,500 gold
Badtz / Laezreturkey / Makkoli / Salvatíon

2,000 gold
Coravel / Lilhoodlum / Mecrazyeyes / Moonric / Tekton

The Future of Scholomance & Scarlet Monastery

As most of your probably know by now, Scholomance and Scarlet Monastery are receiving overhauls in Mists of Pandaria, similar to how Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep got a new coat of paint with Cataclysm. Layout, bosses and loot tables will be changed for each instance, and heroic modes for level 90 characters will be introduced. The key point of interest for this site is of course the loot – exactly how much are the drops going to change?

What’s the current status?

Back in early April, Blizzard Community Manager Zarhym addressed the concerns of players fearing the loss of many unique transmogrification items. He wrote the following (source):

We discussed this topic with the developers last week a bit. I don’t have any conclusive information for you, but they recognize there are a lot of cool items in SM and Scholomance, and they want to try and preserve those in Mists.

As it stands right now, this sentiment is not reflected in the beta, where a huge number of items from the original instances appear to be missing. It’s entirely possible that Blizzard will add replacements for the missing models, in Mists of Pandaria or even before release, but there are no guarantees right now.

Unfortunately, there is no official statement from Blizzard with regards to what will stay and what will go with the revamping of Scholomance and SM, so we can only really speculate based on experiences from MoP Beta. At this point in time, the two instances have entirely different loot tables to their original forms, albeit some of the new items reference the old in name. Many of the new items in the normal modes share models with Tier 12 and HoT heroic items, but we can’t say with any certainty if they are placeholders or the final products. Just a few items match original models, mostly weapons.

You can view the original and current beta loot tables at the following links:
Scholomance Original and Scholomance MoP Beta
Scarlet Monastery Original and Scarlet Monastery MoP Beta

What are we in danger of losing?

The changes might come with the pre-expansion patch, on August 28th, or with the official release itself, but as there’s a lot of uncertainty right now, we strongly recommend that those who want something from Scholo or SM do their best to farm it within the next week. As the saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Below is a list of some of the treasures which we may lose. It’s not a comprehensive list, but it highlights some of the unique items at risk. Be sure to check the full loot tables on Wowhead for anything you might like to obtain before it potentially vanishes.



Alanna’s Embrace
WoWRoleplayGear Link / Wowhead Link

Unique colouration of this model. Sadly a 2% drop chance makes this the hardest of all items to farm from Scholomance.

Necropile Raiment
Wowhead Link

Reasonable replacements can be found for most of these items, see comments on the Wowhead link, but it wouldn’t necessary be easy.


WoWRoleplayGear Link / Wowhead Link

Looks like the Silver-Thread cloth set, but this is the only such leather outfit.


WoWRoleplayGear Link (incomplete set) / Wowhead Link

The set items don’t match too well, but the Bloodmail Legguards are a mail must-have.


Blue Deathbone
WoWRoleplayGear Link / Wowhead Link
The chest, legs and boots are from Scholomance. All three have visual copies outside of Scholo, but the chest and legs copies are quest rewards, so check if you can still complete those quests.

Black Deathbone
WoWRoleplayGear Link / Wowhead Link

Gloves, belt and boots are from Scholomance. No alternatives at all for the boots and belt and the alt gloves are not easy to get.

Scarlet Monastery


Robe of Doan
WoWRoleplayGear Link / Wowhead Link

The robe colouration is unique, but thankfully it’s got a very high drop rate should you choose to farm it this week. Mantle of Doan is available in other forms, f.ex. Felcloth Shoulders.


Tabard & Chain of the Scarlet Crusade
WoWRoleplayGear Link (Modified version) / Wowhead Link
It’s possible that the Scarlet mail items may go, so both moggers and gold makers should keep this one in mind, as some parts are BoE. The matching tabard may also disappear. On the plus side, even though the originals are likely out, Herod’s Shoulder and Raging Berserker’s Helm both persist as heirlooms.

The Status of Weapons & Other Items


We’ll update the article if and when we have further information.

Best of luck to everybody with their Scholomance and Scarlet runs!