Softfoot Silentwrap Set


Softfoot Silentwrap Set

Armor Type: Leather
Level Req.: 90
Source: Reputation-based vendor purchases
Availability: Simple but time consuming to obtain

How to get the set:

This outfit is a Mists of Pandaria Valor Point set for physical damage leather wearers, comprised of eight purchases distributed between four Pandarian factions: Golden Lotus, The August Celestials, The Klaxxi and Shado-Pan.

You need revered reputation with each of the factions before you can buy their items for this set, and the total cost for all eight items is 15000 Valor Points.

There are, however, a huge number of lookalike items available for this set throughout Mists of Pandaria, some of which are easier to obtain than the Valor purchases. You can view all of these alternatives here: Wowhead Ascendant Tribe Armor. The reason we chose to focus on the Valor items is that they are obtainable outside of raids, and represent a complete set.

HeadRed Smoke Bandana (Shado-Pan – 2250 Valor Points)
Shoulders Imperion Spaulders (Golden Lotus – 1750 Valor Points)
ChestSoftfoot Silentwrap (Golden Lotus – 2250 Valor Points)
WristsQuillpaw Family Bracers (The August Celestials – 1250 Valor Points)
HandsFingers of the Loneliest Monk (The August Celestials – 1750 Valor Points)
WaistKlaxxi Lash of the Borrower (The Klaxxi – 1750 Valor Points)
LegsDreadsworn Slayer Legs (The Klaxxi – 2250 Valor Points)
FeetTukka-Tuk’s Hairy Boots (The August Celestials – 1750 Valor Points)


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