Jazeraint/Crusader’s Set


Jazeraint Set / Crusader’s Set

Armor Type: Mail
Level Req.: 37/50
Source: BoE drops
Availability: Potentially time consuming to gather

How to get the set:
The Jazeraint and Crusader’s sets are almost visually indentical and are comprised of BoE random world drops. The exceptions are the headpieces and shoulders, which differ between the two sets. It is the Jazeraint set depicted in the image to the left.

Your best bet for locating them is to scan the Auction House often in the hope they get listed. Crusader’s items have the higher item level and required level of the two sets.

HeadJazeraint Helm
ShouldersJazeraint Pauldrons
ChestJazeraint Chestguard
WristsJazeraint Bracers
GlovesJazeraint Gauntlets
WaistJazeraint Belt
LegsJazeraint Leggings
FeetJazeraint Boots

HeadCrusader’s Helm
ShouldersCrusader’s Pauldrons
ChestCrusader’s Armor
WristsCrusader’s Armguards
GlovesCrusader’s Gauntlets
WaistCrusader’s Belt
LegsCrusader’s Leggings
FeetCrusader’s Boots



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6 Responses to “Jazeraint/Crusader’s Set”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well I am relatively sure this set is identical to the Crusader Set.

  2. Leonatos says:

    The Crusader shoulders are different from the Jazeraint ones, but otherwise all the pieces are the same.

    • Siirenias says:

      It should be noted that the aforementioned shoulders make a significant difference. Also, the Crusader’s Helm is a proper (if somewhat standard-looking) arrangement, but bronze-gold with a dark, silvery trim.

  3. Totaljizzkid says:

    there is also a cape and a shield with the same prefix name on it i got the cmplete set exept for the shoulders i think :/

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