Robes and Dresses

Available, Transmogrifiable Robes

No Longer Obtainable

Non-Transmogrifiable Robes

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5 Responses to “Robes and Dresses”

  1. Gizzybiscuits says:

    I’d list the black velvet robe next to the aurora one, its like a black version of it. Silver-thread robe is good too.

  2. Bertros says:

    My male priest feels neglected. He too wants a stylish robe, but can’t choose from your pictures, since he is somewhat lacking in the chest department.

    Looks good though.

    • ironyca says:

      You are right, I had somewhat of a tunnelvision and forgot about the male part of the WoW population, when I took these pictures in Modelviewer.

      We are going to add robes on male models soon 🙂

  3. Livae says:

    Is it only certain robes you’re going for? Or are you trying to list all the robe skins?

    • ironyca says:

      I wouldn’t say we are trying to map the entire dress gallery of WoW, as the format of this blog wouldn’t be suitable.
      As with all of it here, we go for items that are either one of the below (valuing the latter over the former):

      – easy to get
      – has an interesting look

      We try and avoid quest rewards as much as possible.
      The dresses we picked out above are not considered a “complete” list, most of them are robes we found randomly through various means.